Our Fun Music Quiz for 2004  

Your Birthday Music Quiz 2004

Welcome to our Fun Music Quiz for 2004. We hope you enjoy taking part and please share your experience on social media when you've completed it.

  • Busted had two number 1s this year. Thunderbirds was one, what was the other?

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  • Who was in the charts with 'Somewhere Only We Know' (nine years before Lily Allen)?

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  • What dance hit did LMC vs U2 take into the charts this year?

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  • Who was in the charts this year with 'Hey Ya'?

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  • Who had a number 1 with 'Everytime'?

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  • 'Changes' was in the charts this year as a duet by which pair?

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  • D12 had two hits this year; 'My Band' and what other song?

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  • Who had a chart hit with 'Burn'?

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  • Eric Prydz got to number 1 with which hit?

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  • 411 had three songs in the charts this year; 'On My Knees', 'Teardrops' and what other?

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  • Now it’s time to see your results...

For all your Number 1s - Select the date you were born...

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What was Number One on your birthday in 2004- birthday No.1s for 2004- birthday number 1 2004

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